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Get your customers feedback generating loyalty at the same time in 3 Steps.
Take immediate action, know your customer suggestions in real time.
Automatically send coupons.

The suggestions are concentrated in graphics to measure the level of satisfaction.
Organize the comments with a single mobile App.

3 easy steps

Promote your App

Promote the QR code in your business then your customers can login to your App to send suggestions..
Another way to promote your suggestion box is via SMS text message.
The customer will receive the link to the App to send suggestions.

Real-time information

Every suggestion received is sent to the administrator via email with their respective graphics.
The information received can be accessed only by the administrator, therefore the information is being protected and its totally confidential.
  • It's easy
  • You obtain information in real time, so it will bring you the opportunity to act on the problem immediately.
  • You will eliminate the manipulation or steal of information when suggestions in paper are used..
  • It will provide automatically statistics in real time..
  • It will promote with valuable information to increase sales and to improve services..

Received surveys
Positive messages
Customer is considering coming back again
Price is appropriate

Just create an account and automatically generates what is necessary

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